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What Druids Do

path in the woods

Neopagan Druidry offers a spiritual path in which we balance reverence with mirth and fun. Eight times a year we celebrate the turning of the seasons in solemn, but joyful, rituals that are open to all like-minded folks. In addition to our seasonal rituals, we also promote scholarship and study in the ADF Dedicant, Generalist Study and Initiate Programs. We meet regularly to explore the best of modern archeological, historical, sociological and religious research, and discuss how this information is relevant to our lives today.

Membership in our grove is open to all that are interested in aligning with the cycles of Nature as we grow in knowledge, awareness, and reverence of the Gods, Goddesses, Nature Spirits and the Ancestors. We honor the gods from all European cultures such as (but not limited to) the Celts, Balts, Norse, Roman, Greeks and Iberians.

Our Vision


  • Commitment to Excellence: Scholarship, Ritual, and Personal and Collective Development in the Druid path.
  • Commitment to Voice: in a democratic environment of equal exchange and valued input.
  • Commitment to Integrity: Providing a balanced structure from which to approach ways to honor the gods and one's spiritual callings in a creative, responsible, and sound way.
  • Opportunity to develop one's spiritual path in a small supportive environment.
  • Opportunity to learn, share and discuss the scope of the Druid's path (i.e. Dedicant's Program, General Study Program, Bardic Guild, and public and private collective work).
  • Opportunity to form lifetime bonds of friendship and support within the context of the grove's spiritual community.
  • Taking Action to serve the Pagan Community of San Diego.
  • Taking Action to serve the environment and others through active community outreach (i.e. clean-ups, drives, donations, and events).
  • Taking Action to model a positive presence as pagan-folk to the entire community.

But I want to know more about ADF and Druidry!

We have additional introductory pages to educate you on our spiritual and religious path.

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