San Diego Druids, Coast Oak Protogrove, ADF
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Organizational Information

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This is where we keep our Policies, Certiciations, Bylaws and Meeting Minutes.

  • Bylaws of Coast Oak Protogrove, ADF Ver. A1 - Our offical rules of governace.
  • Grove Standard Operating Procedures - Draft 0.1, unadopted
  • Emergency Response Policy - What to do during emergencies at our events, meetings and rituals.
  • Offical Protogrove Status - a copy of our offical certificate
  • Meeting Minutes Archive - secured access

Grove Officers

The following executive officers make up the Council of Elders, our administrative leaders who serve as the Board of Directors for our religious group.

  • Grove Organizer - spiritual and administrative leader, acting chairman of the board
  • Scribe - administrative leader, acting as secretary
  • Pursewarden - financial leader, acting as treasurer

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