What Druids Do: Our Purpose and Vision

Neopagan Druidry offers a spiritual path in which we balance reverence with mirth and fun. Eight times a year we celebrate the turning of the seasons in solemn, but joyful, rituals that are open to all like-minded folks. In addition to our seasonal rituals, we also promote scholarship and study in the ADF Dedicant, Generalist Study and Initiate Programs. We meet regularly to explore the best of modern archeological, historical, sociological and religious research, and discuss how this information is relevant to our lives today.

How to join our Grove

To join our religious community, you must attend at least one of our public rituals or one study group session. Then express your desire to join our Grove as a member, fill out our contact sheet and make a donation. A.D.F. membership is separate and highly recommended. Through our association with A.D.F., we have access to many additional resources.

Membership Levels

We have several stages of membership that reflect commitment members want to share with us. They start at "hanging with my druid buddies" to "I love being a druid". Here's our list:


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