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Druid Announcements and News

Below are the announcements and important news for members and friends of our protogrove and Druidry in general.

Holiday Ritual

Nighttime ritual

The next public ritual will be posted.

We invite those interested in a Druid path to join us, the Coast Oak Grove, located in central San Diego. Coast Oak Grove was founded to explore the path of nature based, earth-centered Indo-European Druidry. It is open to followers of Druidism, Modern Druidry and those interested in learning more about the Druid path.

This group is associated with Ár nDraíocht Féin (Our Own Druidry) and is open to other Druid paths. Our grove is open to those whose pantheons are from Indo European cultures including Celtic, Germanic, Baltic, Vedic, Hellenic, Roman, etc. Druidism is a spiritual lifestyle that applies the nine virtues (wisdom, piety, vision, courage, integrity, perseverance, hospitality, moderation, and fertility) to our daily lives. We hope that you will find here a community to encourage you and help you learn about Neo-Pagan Druidry.

In addition to a place for Druids to fellowship and grow in our faith, we support the San Diego Pagan community and the wonderful groups that exist to provide opportunities for Neo-Pagans to associate and learn. For more information about our rituals, please visit High Holy Days.

Visit ADF's article on ritual for more information.

Druid Ritual Workshop

Three female druids

Druidry 101 is presented by Coast Oak Grove, a grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin/A Druid Fellowship (ADF). This course will discuss the path of Modern Druidry [read article] and its application to our lives today. Join the program any time. Missed topics will be repeated. Topics will include:

  • a history of the ancients
  • core values and virtues
  • ritual and liturgy
  • high days and the Wheel of the Year
  • pan-European Pantheons
  • debunking druid myths
  • personal worship and more

Currently, we are looking for a new location to host our Druidry 101 study group.

Contact San Diego's largest and oldest-continually-operating protogrove at:
Coast Oak Protogrove, ADF
San Diego, CA 92176

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