Coast Oak Grove is pleased to announce our 7th annual Druidpalooza is over. We are planning for next year's event. Druidpalooza is our Grove camp out and festival to develop family, frith, and fellowship. Join the Grove for a Friday afternoon through Sunday event. Workshops on Saturday, fellowship, relaxing in nature.

We enjoy the company of each other in the wonderful nature with the Kindreds and each other. Coast Oak Grove would like to invite ADF members in the Southwest Region to join us for this weekend adventure. Bring your tent, blow-up bed, and ready to have good fellowship with other ADF folks. You don't have to be a druid to join us. Heathens, Wiccans, and others are welcome.

$50 per person includes food for weekend and camp fees. Bring your own liquor, soda, special dietary foods. Vegetarian as well as meat dishes. (No Vegan options) This is a Tent campground. Contact SDDruids@yahoo.com (or message on FB) with questions and more information. (***Note: This cost is preliminary. We will up date this information later in 2016.***)

Events include: arrival/set up on Friday. Fellowship/story telling Friday night. Workshops on Saturday. Not sure what will be offered yet, but we have had rune making, wheat weaving, brewing, ritual making and other interesting workshops to support our development

Note: Parking, showers, and flushing toilet. Please help us keep the bathroom, shower, and workshop area clean and tidy. Hospitality cuts both ways.

Scheduled Workshops:

  • Druidry related
  • Crafting something
  • Ritual related
  • General discussion

That evening we will be holding either a Unity Ritual for our Druidism or just an opening ritual followed by storytelling! Please remember to Leave no Trace when you camp in nature. We must preserve it for the next generations to enjoy.